Blood Chemistry

Balancing Blood Chemistry With Nutrition

What is it?

Many of us find it difficult to eat the foods which we know will nourish our body fully. With the latest trends in farming, including pesticide use, genetically altered foods, and mineral depletion of soil, we are not getting the vitamins and minerals we used to get from the same food a few years ago. Even if you take supplements there's a good chance that you're not digesting or assimilating them properly, especially if they're synthetic, which is mainly what is found in grocery, drug and even vitamin stores.

Your blood chemistry profile will not only tell you whether you are getting the nutrients you need into your system but it will show you which diseases you are more likely to develop (or are already developing) as a result of any deficiencies or excesses you may have.

Dr. Bailey's detailed blood chemistry analysis is based on research results of 10,000 patients over a ten year period who were observed for developing cancer, diabetes, cardio-vascular disease, thyroid disease, immune dysfunction and more. That research allowed us to see into the future if you will, to see what particular blood chemistries led to which disease states down the line.

Why are these tests more specific than what you get from your regular M.D.?

Well, the truth is that unless they are trained in functional medicine, most M.D.s rely strictly on the blood lab to report whether the patient's numbers are in the normal range. The blood labs, however, determine what is normal statistically, not functionally. For example, to determine normal values for thyroid hormone, a lab will take 100 values from a random sampling of people who had their blood drawn from that particular lab. The top five values and the bottom five values are determined to be out of range or abnormal. Everything in between is deemed normal. This is without regard to the health of the patient, or attention to what range of values would be best for a healthy, fully functional person.

Compound that with the understanding that if people are getting their blood drawn, they are usually experiencing some symptoms or illness, and so they are not a fully healthy group to begin with. Imagine a scenario in the Midwest a few years back where most of the people in a town were deficient in iodine (because they didn't have access to seafood or were exposed to harmful levels of chlorine in their water supply which prevents the absorption of iodine--researchers aren't sure yet). Practically the whole town had symptoms of hypothyroidism, (were tired, gained weight, were depressed, etc.) and many developed goiters, (enlarged thyroid glands), but because they all had similar blood chemistries, they were all considered normal.

The ranges Dr. Bailey uses are often smaller than the ranges that the labs come up with, as they are representative of true health. This helps to accurately diagnose conditions which are often missed by other doctors.

Are you frustrated by misdiagnosed conditions, or pill popping as a way of life? Are you looking for better, natural answers to correct the imbalance, not mask it?

If so, you have come to the right place. After careful in-depth analysis of your blood chemistry, as well as a physical exam and speaking to you regarding your health concerns, Dr. Bailey will recommend a personalized program including homeopathy, vitamin and mineral supplements which will help get your body back on track and into balance naturally.

Patients of Dr. Bailey's have reported increases in energy, diminished frequency of colds, fewer headaches, fewer asthma attacks, lowered blood pressure, lowered cholesterol, lowered blood sugar in diabetics, resolution of skin disorders, relief from menstrual cramps, pregnancy when previously unable to conceive, improved bowel and digestive function, resolution of acid reflux and Crohns disease, weight loss, improved sleep, diminished pain from a number of sources including RA, fibromyalgia, sports injuries, plantar fascitis, and improvement in nervous system conditions including MS and RSD.

For your blood chemistry analysis, and to begin healing from the inside out, call Star Bailey, D.C. at 858-792-1955.