Dear Reader,

I recommend visiting Dr. Bailey for any sort of
malady that troubles you. She is a true healer.
Her depth and breadth of knowledge about the
human body, its functioning, and how to heal
illness is impressive. It is matched by the
depth, breadth, and quality of her caring and

I came to see Dr. Bailey for neck pain, lower
back pain, and leg pain. In the three months
that I have been seeing her, she has
successfully addressed these issues and more.
She has resolved chronic conditions for which I
have seen many doctors over the past thirty
years with no relief.

I have suffered with chronic constipation for
decades. Prior to Dr. Bailey’s treatment, I was
taking fourteen laxative capsules a week. I now
require one per week, if that. I've suffered
severe headaches for the past 20 years. No
doctor has ever had a solution to this problem.
Dr. Bailey has, by her treatments and
recommendations, drastically reduced the
severity and frequency of my headaches. She is
able to discern the core cause of the malady and
treat it using her four approaches to healing:
mechanical adjustments, nutrition, homeopathy,
and neuro-emotional technique.

My first introduction to the neuro-emotional
technique (NET) was a video provided by Dr.
Bailey. It seemed plausible to me that emotional
baggage is stored within the body and can
manifest as physical pain or illness. I was
willing to try this technique. I know that
because of Dr. Bailey's application of NET, I
have been freed from not only pain and
discomfort in my neck, back, and internal
organs, but I am freed from what have been
persistent emotional "buttons" as well. I feel
more unburdened than I have in years. It's like
starting a new life.

I cannot thank Dr. Bailey enough for the health
and joy she has released in my life. I am
writing this to encourage others to take
advantage of the tremendous healing opportunity
Dr. Bailey provides.

Sincerely, C. E.

I recently retired after thirty years of federal
service as a firefighter, Army Ranger Infantry
officer, and FBI agent. During my twenty-three
years in the FBI I was, among other things, a
SWAT operator and sniper team leader. I have
always placed a premium on being physically fit
and active. My recreational activities include
working out in the gym, surfing, skiing, and
competitive fencing.

After retirement I ramped up my physical
activities on all fronts. I injured myself
surfing, and subsequently found myself with a
cascade of maladies. I had neck pain, severe
tendonitis in my right arm and elbow, right
wrist pain, pain in my shoulder blades, right
hip pain, right knee pain, and a strained left
Achilles tendon. I was using the banister for
assistance in climbing stairs. The tendon injury
significantly impeded my ability to fence. The
tendonitis in my right arm was so severe that I
had a hard time raising my coffee cup, much less
manipulating a fencing saber. I reached a point
where I felt that much of my cherished physical
activity might be in jeopardy. These activities
give me joy. The amalgamation of trauma and
injury, and their implication as far as my
activities, lifestyle, and happiness was a
frightening prospect.

I was not willing to go down the road of
painkillers, cortisone shots, and surgery.
Conventional chiropractic had proven to be of
limited success over the better part of a year.
I reached out to Dr. Bailey because of the
testimonials on her web site, because she
offered a broad-spectrum holistic approach to
treat causes and not just symptoms, and because
she had a background in dance and athletics. The
latter was important to me because I wanted
someone who could personally relate to what I
was experiencing.

Going to Dr. Bailey was not just the best injury
recovery decision I could have made, but the
best overall health decision I could have made.
I have come to regard her as my health coach.
She has an amazingly comprehensive knowledge of
how we function in our synergistic nature. She
is incisive, analytical, methodical, and
intuitive. Her approach included physical
mechanics, a full panel blood test and analysis,
chiropractic, acupressure, muscle trigger
points, neural-emotional therapy, muscle
testing, homeopathy, supplementation, nutrition,
diet, exercise, orthotics, and massage. Some of
that may sound a little "out there." But not
only did it make sense to me intellectually, the
bottom line was, it worked.

When I first entered Dr. Bailey's office I was
having a hard time just doing basic chores
around the house. Within two months, I was back
on the fencing strip with a vengeance. One
evening in particular was a real breakthrough.
Normal fencing sessions are two-and-a-half
hours, at the end of which I would typically be
exhausted. I showed up early at my fencing
facility and went through one class and series
of matches, then stayed and went through a
second series of warm-ups, footwork drills, and
matches for a total of four and a half hours. At
the end I was fatigued, but not exhausted. I
attribute this spike in strength and stamina to
Dr. Bailey's regimen. Former SWAT teammates and
FBI co-workers have commented that I look
younger and fitter now than when I was working.
They call me the "poster boy" for happy, active

It is a pleasure to work with Dr. Bailey. She is
enthusiastic, vivacious, and personable, yet
no-nonsense, detailed, and responsible. I have a
sense of actively working with her on my own
behalf, rather than just passively being treated
by her. That is why it feels like a coaching
relationship, and not just a doctorpatient
relationship. She runs her practice by herself,
which I admire. You don't have that "factory"
sense that you get in some healthcare offices. I
consider the course of analysis and treatment
from Dr. Bailey to be a wise investment in
long-term health, and a sound financial

  • W.E.

When I met Dr. Bailey I had a myriad of annoying
problems that I have spent years trying to
resolve with dozens and dozens of doctors. Most
doctors said I had to learn to live with certain
aliments and just dismissed my concerns. I was
lactose intolerant, had constant indigestion and
gas, acid reflux and could not eat certain foods
such as chocolate, oranges, tomatoes, and
garlic. I also had prostatitis, leg pain and a
chronic stiff neck and a tension filled back.

Dr. Bailey carefully analyzed my situation and
conducted specific testing including blood work.
Dr. Bailey then not only made chiropractic
adjustments that were different from any type I
had ever had, but also put me on various
supplements and asked me to temporarily
eliminate certain things from my diet. Within a
very short period of time I started to see a
significant difference in the way I felt.
Eventually I was able to re-introduce the
forbidden foods back into my diet with no
adverse effects. My aches and pains also
subsided and my whole well being radically

Today I feel better than I ever remember feeling
in my entire life and owe all of that to Dr.
Bailey. Dr. Bailey is not just a chiropractor
and kinesiologist, she is a Doctor that truly
understands the functions of the human body from
multiple physical and emotional aspects and
knows how to optimize its performance.

  • Peter Kovaleski

Dear Dr. Bailey,

I am writing to you today to thank you for
helping my entire family. It has taken me
several years to get over my skepticism but I
have now gone from a skeptic to a firm believer
in the use of chiropractic procedures.

I was to run the Boston Marathon but wasn't sure
it was possible with serious pain in my ankle
that other doctors could not help me with. I
was told by several doctors that surgery was my
only option if I wanted to be pain free. (Or
stop running entirely!) After working with you,
not only did I complete the marathon but I am
now running without a tinge of pain! This was
just one instance in which you have miraculously
returned me to good health.

My husband who has a degenerative back problem
was able to run out of your office when two
hours earlier I was wheeling him around the
house on our office chair with wheels since he
could barely walk due to the pain!

You have also provided our son with relief from
several aggravating allergies through your
homeopathic treatments!

The list is unending and again, we want to thank
you for helping us and for getting us on a
healthier path of living."

  • Catherine Hindle

Dr. Bailey was referred to me by a friend for a
rotator cuff injury that I have had for many
years. I decided to see her as a last resort
prior to surgery. I was not aware that she would
perform a total body evaluation at our first
meeting and that she would be testing my blood
as well. Thankfully she did!

We discovered very quickly that I had a thyroid
condition. I had suspected that I had one for
many years and had been tested via my primary
physician who informed me that "your test
results came back in the low to normal range".
During my first consultation with Dr. Bailey,
she discovered a lump (goiter) in my throat and
informed me that I had other symptoms of this
condition such as dry skin, hoarse voice, low
energy, and unexplained weight gain. I was
muscle testing positively for a tall, thin
person. I am tall but not thin. This gave me a
lot of hope that I could soon be feeling better.

I went straight to an endocrinologist and had a
scan done to determine the size of my goiter.
Soon I was on two different types of thyroid
medicine. One was Synthroid and the other
Cytomel. I had Dr. Bailey muscle test both and
she found that my body responded well to the
Cytomel and was literally rejecting the
Synthroid. Luckily my endocrinologist was open
to Dr. Bailey's homeopathic practices and agreed
to take me off the Synthroid and increase the
Cytomel proportionately.

I am starting to feel a major difference in my
body and I have a lot more energy. Two of the
best side effects are that I handle stress much
better and I have only been sick once in the
last year. It was typical for me to get upper
respiratory colds at least every other month,
which is a side effect of the thyroid being out
of level. My hair is thicker and shiner, my skin
has cleared up after 37 years of blemishes and
pimples. Overall I am a much healthier person
inside and outside which everyone notices right

Dr. Bailey also cured my heartburn. I had
basically been living on antacids for about five
years. The acid was burning all the way up my
throat day and night. This is very dangerous as
it can cause throat cancer and is considerably
uncomfortable. To be honest, Dr. Bailey's
treatment was a little painful, but well worth
it. It is hard to explain what she does, but I
will try in very simple terms. One cause of
heartburn is a hiatal hernia. We get heartburn
because the stomach pushes up through the
diaphragm. Along with other treatments, Dr.
Bailey pulls the stomach back down through the
stomach from the outside. Weird, I know but it

Dr. Bailey has helped change my life and not
only that, I have a new friend out of the deal!
She is a wonderful, kind and thoughtful woman
who truly cares about every person she comes
into contact with."

  • Laurie B. Haefele

Dear Star,

My knee continues to do great things....right
now, because of my personal situation, my
workouts aren't that great...but no knee pain,

Because of your encouragement not to have
invasive procedures for my knee...your support
in natural methods, my knee has recovered such
that Drs cannot test my knee through normal
means and detect any movement that would be
indicative of a completely ruptured ACL.
Impressive and hard to believe, say many...

But, it was verified by an MRI within 30 days
after the accident, another MRI was never done.
Just manual manipulation which Sports Med Drs
and chiropractors have done which don't reflect
a ruptured ACL..... I am undergoing my regular
5 year physical and hope that the USMC wants to
do a follow up MRI on my knee to verify a
ruptured ACL...we will see.

Glad you are well and thanks for staying in

  • Marianne

Dear Dr. Bailey:

I am writing this letter to thank you for making
such a difference to my health and therefore
improving the quality of my life. When I first
came to you I was feeling very frustrated and
beginning to believe that I would never return
to a truly happy and healthy state. I was a
long time sufferer of endometriosis and its
physical and psychological effects were
encroaching on my life so much that I was
feeling "premenstrual" for almost three weeks
out of every month. The lack of energy and
depression I was feeling led to a very weepy me
entering your office about four years ago.

What I remember most from that first visit was
how well you listened to my complaints, that you
didn't dismiss any of them, and that you gave me
a real sense of hope that there was a positive
and simple course of action to get me back to a
healthy state that did not include hormone
treatments. Through some adjustments and
helpful advice regarding nutrition and vitamins,
you helped put me back on track to a much
healthier state. I was able to return to a
higher competitive level in sports, and in
general had more energy.

After a while I was able to maintain my own
health with the occasional visit to your office
to keep me on track. More recently I had fallen
off track again and therefore paid another visit
to your office. Two months after starting on a
vitamin schedule with you, I became pregnant at
the ripe age of 41. This was particularly
surprising since my two other children were
conceived through two GIFT cycles (I counted 301
injections to which I was subjected to conceive
my second child) 10 and 7 years earlier. I am
now blessed with my third child, a healthy baby
boy born June 22, 2004. This pregnancy went
extremely well and required no injections of any
kind! Although pregnancy had not been the goal
of a renewed vitamin regime, I am inclined to
believe that it was a result of a healthier me
which was in turn a result of a visit to you.

I want to thank you for making a difference in
my general well being and for taking a genuine
interest in my health goals. I plan to continue
to seek your advice for a continuing healthy

  • Karen Whatnall

I've been a patient of Dr. Bailey's for quite a
few years now (4 I think!), and she's constantly
helping my body to stay on track. I am a wife,
mother, and basketball player, and frequently
little things pop up (or out should I say), and
she's always there to help them get back into
place. She also treats my children whether it be
a sprained ankle, a bad head cold, or upset
tummies. My 7-year old daughter even asks to
come see her because she knows Star can make her
feel better!

This past June, I had some sudden major problems
with my left knee; I went to an orthopedic
surgeon, had an MRI, and was diagnosed with a
Baker's Cyst, a hole in some cartilage under my
knee cap, and a slightly torn meniscus! I
scheduled my surgery for August 5th.

I sought out Dr. Star, who began to perform her
various techniques on my knee--AK, deep tissue
work, and some other methods which I cannot name
precisely. I also took some new supplements she
prescribed, I changed my weight workout (with
the help of a trainer), I took a vacation, then
sought out a second opinion from another
orthopedic doctor in late July, who didn't think
I had a torn meniscus and that perhaps physical
therapy could help me. He thought my trouble was
more of an arthritic sort.

So back to Dr. Star I went after my vacation in
late July, and we began a concentrated routine
of treatments on my knee (a couple times a week
for the first few weeks, then weekly for the
next 8 weeks). My cyst disappeared by the end of
July, and I was back on the court by Sept. 13th!

Now I laugh and cringe at the same time when I
think that I could've been under the knife and
possibly still trying to recover! Thankfully,
Star was able to get me on the road to a
surgery-free solution!

If you are one who thinks surgery is the only
answer, I encourage you to seek out a "Star"

  • Jill A. Davis

Dr. Bailey is amazing! I ws so sick I couldn't
move or eat. I couldn't work and felt like I was
dying. My medical doctor brushed me off with
"the flu" and would not give me the tests I
asked for. I just kept getting worse. Dr.
Bailey saw me immediately and did a full blood
profile. She found numerous issues including
chronic fatigue, dangerous blood sugar levels,
pernicious anemia and a host of others! She
began treating me on the spot with a combination
of kinesiology, chiropractic and nutrition. I
followed her strict diet recommendations also,
and within days began improving. Within a few
months I was back on my feet and able to go back
to work. As time went on I required fewer
treatments and fewer supplements as my body
started to repair itself. Here I am almost a
year later and I feel great and have tons of
energy. I still take a few supplements and come
in for a tune up every other month.

-Gretchen Gesell

Dr. Bailey has literally changed my life. I
first went to Dr. Bailey in March of this year
with more aches and pains than one could
imagine. I was overweight and my joints were
hurting so badly that I could hardly get back up
if I dropped something on the floor. Just a
mere month later, I was doing deep knee bends
and bounding up stairways. I chose enroll in
the Total Body Modification system she had
proposed, which first consisted of gentle yet
firm chiropractic manipulation of omy spine and
other problem areas, such as my hip and
shoulder. Having had a bad shoulder for about
two years and a hip that was so sore I could not
sleep on that side, Dr. Bailey fixed me in a
matter of months. It had a lot to do with
nutrition and water. Dr. Bailey was the first
person in my life that convinced me to drink a
ton of water in order to feel better. And she
was right! After having my blood drawn and
examined, Dr .Bailey did an intensive analysis
of where I was deficient and in what amounts. I
began a diligent program of vitamins, minerals,
and other homeopathic remedies that were
recommended by Dr. Bailey using a computerized
read-out, kinesiology muscle testing, and the
vast amount of knowledge and heart offered by
Dr. Bailey. These treatments have enabled me to
discontinue two chemical medications so far. I
have lost weight and have begun NET work with
Dr. Bailey to release toxins on an even deeper
level. I highly recommend Dr. Bailey as your
healthcare practitioner. She has changed my

-Michelle Fergus

Dear Friends,

Many of you know that, no matter how much Reiki
or other work I've done on myself, I've
struggled for many years with high cholesterol,
high triglycerides, and high glucose levels.
When boyfriends have called me "sugar" they
weren't kidding.

I've tried any number of things, with barely a
blip on the charts. I was just about ready to
grit my teeth, go to an M.D. rather than another
natural healer, and surrender to taking
prescription cholesterol lowering drugs, despite
their dangers, as the last--and only--resort.

Just about then, a friend recommended I see DR.
Star Bailey, a remarkable practitioner who
combines chiropractic, kinesiology, blood
chemistry-based nutritional balancing, and other
powerful techniques, and who is especially
renowned for her results in hormone balancing.
I went for a baseline blood test, and as usual,
many of the numbers were alarmingly high.

At the next appointment, Dr. Bailey spent three
hours with me, using various techniques to
determine my body's ideal regimen of nutritional
supplements and to suggest a highly personalized
dietary plan. Over the next few months, I
continued to see her regularly--every week if
possible, every two or three weeks when I
couldn't--during which time she tested different
physiological reactions and continually
fine-tuned my supplement program. She was
always a firm but compassionate coach, keeping
my maverick self in line on what I should and
shouldn't be eating.

At her encouragement, I started walking a lot
more and doing some free weights now and then.
The only other change I made was to be dedicated
about practicing my HeartMath stress reduction

After a little less than four months of working
with Dr. Bailey, I just went back for another
blood test this week. I simply could not
believe the results. My cholesterol was down
almost 50 amazing points. Firty points! My
triglycerides were close to 60% lower. And my
glucose was down 23 points, edging closer to the
normal range in just three months. THis is the
best blood chemistry reading I've had in at
least 10 years, maybe 15. And such dramatically
lower scores, in such a short time, are
significantly better than most prescription
drugs could ever hope to equal.

I honestly feel like a miracle just happened.

And I'm telling you all of this for one simple
reason: It's possible to achieve astonishing
results through natural means if you've got a
remarkable healthcare partner. I never thought
it was, but it is.

If you, your family, or your friends have
struggled, like me, with high cholesterol or
glucose problems, and if you're even remotely
within driving distance of Dr. Bailey's Solana
Beach office, I cannot encourage you more
enthusiastically to connect with Dr. Bailey.
Her phone number is 858-792-1955. She's a
brilliant, leading-edge healthcare practitioner
who can achieve results that, frankly, no one
else can, or come even close to. I will bless
her every day for the rest of my longer,
healthier life.

-Love to you, Bernadette Doran